Horrified: Greek Monsters Cooperative Strategy Board



Material Cardboard
Theme Fantasy
Genre Horror, Cooperative, Strategy, Family
Number of Players 1-5

About this item

  • Quality You Trust – 1 gameboard, 6 monster mats, 6 monster figures, 7 hero tiles, 7 hero standees, 10 legend standees, 19 bases, 60 item tokens, 4 lair tokens, 26 monster tokens, 1 terror marker, 1 frenzy marker, 30 monster cards, 20 perk cards, 5 reference cards, 1 item bag, 3 dice, and rulebook.
  • Immersive Gameplay – Sculpted miniatures capture Minotaur, Cerberus, Chimera, Medusa, Basilisk, and Siren in exquisite detail. Their unique puzzles, gameboard locations, and more nod to the classic stories of these mythic monsters and other characters from Greek legend.
  • New Mechanic – Love Horrified: Universal Monsters and Horrified: American Monsters? Horrified: Greek Monsters boasts a new lair mechanic. Discover lairs like the Labyrinth or Underworld Door before defeating monsters.
  • Replayable and Flexible – Choose different combinations of monsters every game to experience new strategies and tactics. Horrified is your friends’ next game night favorite… or enjoy the included solo mode!
  • Easy to Learn – Start playing in minutes with a streamlined rulebook and linked video instructions. Simply follow the steps on the back of each monster mat to complete setup.

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